Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S not iPhone 5!

With the recent departure of the face of Apple, Steve Jobs, and the appointment of Tim Cook I was expecting a lot of effort to have gone in to the iPhone and ios 5.0 to try to disprove the claims that jobs leaving will end Apple's dominance.

Myself along with many of those attending the "lets talk about iPhone" conference were astounded that the new iPhone 4S was not much of an improvement over the iPhone 4, it reminds me of the launch of the iPad 2, a lot of hype for what essentially didn't amount to much.

Although I don't really consider myself an Apple fanboy, I am definitely an advocate for iProducts! however I wont be rushing out to get the new iPhone, after chatting with my colleagues I haven't heard one good thing said about the 4S, the word I hear most often is "Disappointed" I will be surprised if the pre order "sells-out" like the iPhone 4 did.

Differences between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

                                                                                iPhone 4                              iPhone 4S
Processor                                                                      A4                                 Dual core A5
Siri (voice recognition)                                                   No                                        Yes
Camera                                                                        5Mp                                      8Mp
Video                                                                      720p 30fps                           1080p 30fps
Video stabilisation                                                          No                                        Yes
Talktime                                                                    7 hours                                    8 hours
Standby time                                                            300 hours                               200 hours

I don't think you will notice the dual core A5 chips benefits unless you use your iPhone for gaming, its disappointing to see Siri not supported on the iPhone 4 once its upgraded to ios 5.0 but its not a huge deal.

Anyone that's really into cameras will tell you it's not all about Megapixels! however the 1080p capabilities are nice but I doubt the video stabilisation will be the envy of iPhone 4 users.

One thing that surprised me was the standby time, it looks like the iPhone 4S has taken a backwards step, only offering 2/3 of the iPhone 4!

All in all a real let down and not a very good start for Tim's first solo launch.

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