Saturday, February 18, 2012

KK Quadcopter build

KK multiboard build

Shopping List 

4x Tunigy Plush 30A ESC's

4x Tunigy low kv motors

1x Hobbyking KK board or the new version

1x Quadcopter frame

a handful of connectors 5sets should do

2 pairs of props

your own TX/ RX, Battery etc.

1 set of leads

some wire

lots of patience


1x programming lead

lots of props (believe me youll need them)


1/ Start off by building your quadcoper frame, once assembled mount a motor on each arm.

2/ solder the motor wires on to the ESC wires and cable tie the wires to the arm

3/ Add an XT60 connector to the end of the esc and remove the red conductor from the 3 pin connector and isolate.

4/ now you need to make a harness to go from 1 female XT60 connector (that plugs into your battery) out to 4  male XT60 connectors (for the speed controllers)

5/ plug this into your speed controllers and thread the female XT60 through the frame of the quad to the bottom where the battery will mount.

6/ fit your KK board and plug the motors in as shown below

7/ Now connect your RX to the inputs of the quadcopter

8/ If you got your board from Hobbyking then it is flashed to fly + config, you can re flash using the optional programmer to fly x config but be warned there is a bug with the v4.7 firmware that causes motor 4 to have a big deadband in the throttle response so you might want to flash with v2.5 as I did, you can download the firmware from

I would recommend Lazyzero's flash tool available free (you can donate) form

9/ Set your esc throttle range up 

you may have difficulties programming all at once but the procedure should be

9/ a/ Remove props

    b/ Turn on TX and set throttle to max

    c/ Turn YAW adjust to min

    d/ Connect battery to KK board and esc's 

    e/ ESC's will beep the double beep (beep-beep) once they double beep smoothly bring throttle to zero                              and the esc's will beep once.

    f/ Disconnect battery.

    g/ Set YAW pot back to 50%

you should now be ready to fly :-) 

If you haven flown any models before I recommend you get a simulator as they are not expensive and much cheaper than repairing the quad :-)

10/ You will need to adjust the pots to get the sensitivity correct, turn the pots up until the quad oscillates then turn it down a little. This will give most stable flight.

11/ Each time you fly you will probably need to adjust the trim.

Happy flying :-)


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